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How to Reach the Goals That Right Now Seem Unreachable

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you've thought 'things should be much better than this'? You wake up and think 'I don't want to be in this house anymore,' or I want to take a bath in a beautiful hot tub, or relax for a week at an exotic resort with all

Do You Think You Can Change Someone?

If you are in a relationship thinking that you can change your partner, think again. If you words fall on deaf ears and you keep repeating them thinking they will eventually sink in; that is really dreaming. Why not go out and bang your head against a brick wall; it would be a lot less painful!

Spirituality: Enlightening Cinema

Some notes about a few movies I think are useful for the purposes of awakening and why, or that aren't and why not.

Do You Choose the Red Pill?

Do you choose the established path, or dare to discover your options? Do you endlessly follow a life of another's creation, or pursue your own way?

I Want That Hill!

"You see a huge hill ahead of you and you are excited. You want that hill! You can't wait to ride it!"These are the words of my teacher as she leads the 8:45 am class in the stationery bike cardio workout known as "spinning." I understand exactly what she means...

Experiencing Career Stress? Ways To Find A Work/life Balance

Many people feel ovewhelmed by stress at work and are missing a healthy work/life balance. In the article, Joanna Engelman offers steps to take towards making shifts at work and in other life areas. Stop and notice what is happening with you, get support, take time to write out where you are and whe

Stick to The Source of All Potential

For anything to survive in life, it needs its source. Without its source, it dies. What happens to a fish when removed from water? It dies. God commanded water to bring forth after its kind and it did. The same applies to you as a human being. Jesus told us in John 15:4-5 to abide in Him and Him in

Tips for Coping With the Loss of a Pet

The loss of a pet can be devastating. As with all grief, it's important to seek support from understanding friends, family, or even professional counseling. Finding a unique memorial for your pet can also help alleviate the emotional pain. This article offers some simple, practical suggestions

How Do You Overcome Shyness?

Many people, whether extroverted or introverted, can relate to shyness. We have all had that feeling at the pit of our stomach.

The Power of Motivation

Motivation has come to embody a great deal in the Western world. I've often heard people from non-English speaking countries comment on how lazy we are in the West. I tend to agree with them

What It Takes To Be, Do And Have Successfully In Any Reality

It does not matter how many times you have to try, it is as long as you do that counts. Persistence is the master key to success. Depending on getting it right the first time every time is the key to failure. To be, do and have successfully, you or anyone must use that mastery, even when getting it

Spring Cleaning - Not Just For Your House Any More

Picture this: You get up in the morning, it is a bright and beautiful day, and you are in a good mood because you got the sleep you needed. You get ready for work, turn on the news, perhaps read the headlines in the newspaper and then you walk over to your computer check your Facebook account or ema

How To Get Rich By Becoming A Lawyer

From a young age, kids are groomed for the fact that they can Get rich by becoming a lawyer. The reason for this is that a lawyer and a DUI/DWI attorney in particular, will always have work. It also means easy money and perhaps even fame, with all the celebrities that are caught daily driving under

The No Excuses Approach

Are you like that? Do you listen to the excuses? If so, what are the excuses about? For how many of us do we make money the excuse? But you say "It is real. Look at the economy." Yes, look, it's in shambles, and more and more people are being inspired to reach down into their souls to

Time Management For Nursing Students

Being a nursing student is also a hard task. Nursing students deals with study of care to the people who need it. Nursing is the care for the sick and healthy people as well. It deals with activities such as feeding and caring for infants, promoting growth and development....

The Cadence of the Human Spirit and of Creation

There are times when we're out of rhythm and our cadence is either too fast or too slow and we rush ahead or fall behind; leaving others behind or we don't keep up.We seem to try too hard or not hard enough.It bemuses us and we get frustrated with ourselves.Then there are times when we&apo

The Art Of Happiness Through Personal Development

In our 21st Century world with its fast-paced life it can be all too easy to get caught up in the frustrations and negativity it evokes. Have you become disillusioned and unhappy with your life? Would you like to learn a simple technique that can guarantee you feel happy whenever you like? Then read

Reinvention, Self Actualization and Diverse Elements

Diverse elements make up my identity. I'm certain it's the same for you. Getting it all in harmony is a roadmap to satisfaction in life. There is a creative aspect to everything we do, whether we're "following a recipe" or adding ingredients "as we feel." You shoul