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The Dramatic Personality Type

The Greek physicians of the fourth century B.C. recognized symptoms described in the past as Hysteria. Histrionic personality type is a distinct character type which manifest in dramatic and exaggerated emotions and poorly controlled reaction.

Bipolar Disorder and Substance Abuse

An individual with Bipolar Disorder may look very different when manic or depressed thus making the disorder frequently misdiagnosed. In regards to substance abuse, often times an individual may deal with their depression by using cocaine to elevate their mood.

Why Do I Get Sick Every Month?

What if you are an ambitious person? What if you have learned to motivate yourself? What if you are a goal oriented person?

How to Relieve Stress and Anxiety Naturally - With Paper

These days we're all looking for ways to relieve stress and anxiety. Drug sales abound. But drugs can be addictive, and at best may make us drowsy. There are, however, natural ways of attacking anxiety and stress. You don't even need a prescription to take advantage of one of the easiest and mos

Natural and Effective Ways To Treat Panic Disorder

In order to overcome the scary symptoms that come with panic disorder, you need to get to the root cause of the problem. Medication only masks the problems. Do you remember what life was life before you had panic disorder? Well get ready to feel that way again as there is a natural do it yourself do

When Does Hypochondria Start?

People naturally get sick. They sometimes catch diseases, infections, or just plain feel under the weather. There can be a number of possible causes to justify what people feel; viruses, germs, bacter

Enjoy the Summer Sun Without the Summer Burn

Summer is here. This will be the best time to hit the outdoor and enjoy the warm sun while on vacation with your friends or loved ones. The only bummer in summer would be getting too much of the sun and getting that awful and painful sunburn. Luckily, you don't have to worry too much about goin

Life Choices Are How We Manage Our Lives

Every day each person on earth makes hundreds of choices. The choices we made in the past determine where we are right at this moment. Many of our choices are made in the default mode.

How to Get Bipolar Disorder Help

When it comes to bipolar disorder help, where should you start? Bipolar is a condition that affects millions of people of all cultures and ages. It is a disorder that can completely interrupt your way of life and it causes many different problems.

Distress Tolerance Skills with Sorensons Ranch School

Sorenson's Ranch School's behavior modification program offers students many opportunities to engage in basic fun, entertaining, and educational activities as they learn to change and manage their behaviors. All of these activities have a purpose ...

Depressive Disorder and ADHD in Adults

Depressive disorders and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder in adults are separate conditions that respond well to treatment. Depressive disorders are considered mood disorders, whereas ADHD is considered an impulse control disorder. These conditions can coexist with each other.

New Habits Change The Thinking Mode

The formation of new habits is an intensive brain training exercise. But it is not an easy one. In fact, it takes many conditions and joint efforts to bring an individual, and a society, to change the way they do things.

Where Has Psychotherapy Gone?

Dr. Stephen Strakowski moderates a multidisciplinary discussion on the decreasing use of psychotherapy in psychiatry. Is this harmful to patient care or are other specialties picking up the slack?

Controlling the Signs & Symptoms of Panic Attacks

When one suffers a panic attack it's probably a major issue for that person. However, it is also possible that one may not be experiencing a full blown attack. What you may be experiencing isjust a slight touch of anxiety which a lot of people experience in social situations when they are nervo

Withdrawal Symptoms From Alcohol & Drug Use

Being addicted to alcohol or drugs is not a pretty sight, and the withdrawal symptoms can be even less attractive. Most drugs will leave the system in less than a week, but the heaviest users can be assured that it will be a very difficult week. Because some of the withdrawal symptoms can be fatal,

5 Super Simple Ways to Increase Your Energy

There were very specific times in my life when I would hit a wall at 3:00 and my energy was drained. There were also some very specific things happening at this time in my life that I can see very clearly were the causes of my energy walls.