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How to Apply Makeup to Look Older

Young women can apply makeup to look older and be taken more seriously. Women can gain respect for their ideas if they appear older and wiser. If a woman looks younger than her true age, she may not want to deal with being treated like a teenager. Young women who want to polish their professional im

How to Make Short Hairstyles With Kinky Twist Hairstyles

Short hairstyles with kinky twists can be a funky and edgy way to style your hair. Another perk of this style is that it is easy to do and can translate well as a style for both men and women. If you're looking for a cool and yet simple new style, try out a short style with some fun kinky twists to

Wearing a Smile

Do you have any ideas about smiles and do you often wear a smile on your face? If not, you must now pay attention on your communitions with others. Nowadays, people selderm show their personal emotion

Using Dry Protection Deodorant and Antiperspirants

If you live an active life, you might feel like time is always running away from you. However, you understand that the benefits of an active lifestyle outweigh the negative aspects of your life by a large margin. By staying active, you give yourself the opportunity to experience more of what life ha

Jewelry Boxes for Little Girls

Little girls love jewelry boxes -- what better place to tuck all of her treasures? Browse a assortment of child's jewelry boxes.


Small, hidden pleats sewn in the body of garments to make them more fitted.

The New Face of 50+ With Regeneration Platinum Plus

Regeneration Platinum Plus is used to help diminish the signs of aging. This increasingly popular formula helps to reduce the appearance of lines, the unwanted sagging skin that can appear, dark circles under your eyes, and wrinkles. As we get older, there are common occurrences that unfortunately c

What Can Be Done to Fix a Lip Piercing Hole?

Lip piercing is a trendy, edgy look, but if you have changed your mind about your lip piercing, or if the hole is stretched or has become infected, there are steps you can take to correct the problem. An infection must be treated as soon as you notice symptoms of pain, swelling, drainage from the pi

Victoria's Secret Bikinis 2011

Victoria's secret, favored savantage product, simply unveils slimming bathing suits 2011 in Los Angeles, displaying supermodel Candice Swanepoel which has a red swimsuit in water, again tripp

Designer Tracy Reese

Tracy Reese showed her Spring 2009 collection during Fashion Week. See the photos for yourself in the Tracy Reese Spring 2009 Fashion week Photo Gallery.

The Best Colors to Cover Up Colored Tattoos

Covering a tattoo can be difficult without the proper colors. Use black or very dark ink of any color to create a new tattoo over an old one to cover it up. Remember that you might lightly scar every time you get a new tattoo. Using a flesh color tattoo ink will rarely cover an old tattoo and may sh

How to Get Rid of a Sweat Smell

Perspiring is good for your health. It is the process by which the body releases fluids through sweat glands and is the body's response to heat, exercise and stress. But the combination of perspiration and bacteria often results in a less than pleasant odor and can damage your clothes, leaving a ye

How to Dispose Your Nail Polish Properly

Believe it or not, nail polish is a hazardous waste. This article tells you how to dispose the old nail polish properly and step-by-step doing it.

How to Receive an Even Tan Using Stand Up Commercial Tanning Beds

If you are looking for a way to continue your summer glow all year round, consider using a indoor commercial tanning salon.Indoor tanning using stand up tanning beds is one of the most efficient and time effective ways to receive an even tan.Tanning bulbs are high intensity.

The Beauty of Pure Mineral Makeup

Not all mineral makeup is created the same. Some are the real deal, while others are just empty, bogus canisters of fluff. Examples of such filler materials are excessive amounts of talc or even cornstarch! Do you know the difference between authentic pure mineral makeup and bogus diluted mineral ma