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How to Quit Smoking - The Easy Way to Do it

Are you are smoker? I guess you want to quit smoking because you're reading this article right now? I'll soon show you the easy way to do it, but I want you to ask yourself why haven't you already quit smoking?

Best Reasons and Ways to Stop Smoking

Although smoking is a difficult addiction to kick it is an addiction that can be kicked and beating this addiction should be your number one priority in life. The effect of smoking on health can ...

The Pros and Cons of Smoking Hookah

Some people claim that smoking hookah is less harmful to one's health because there is no direct contact with the tobacco, as with cigarettes or cigars. Although there are some personal pros

Excellent Reasons to Buy E-Cig Kits

The development in new devices and gadgets provide us with inventions that make our lives easier and even more convenient. If you enjoy smoking, you should try the e-cig kits.

How to Get Rid of Smoking

How to Stop SmokingThere, 500 yards out, people are still watching you from the windows and giving you dirty looks, as though you're contributing to global warming. To make matters even more appalling, those ciggies are now costing you $352 a carton. Isn't it time you quit?

Quit Smoking - Stop Waiting and Take Action!

Do you think it is hard or even impossible to quit smoking? Stop that thinking now. The only thing that is getting in the way of you quitting smoking is not trying. You can quit smoking; you just have to take action.

Buy E-cigarettes--it Does A Body Good

Apart from other pollutants, one of the most devastating pollutants of the atmosphere is the smoke exhaled by smokers.Smoking is indeed the menace of mankind.People of all ages are attracted to it and practice the habit.

Various Key Indicators You Could Be Addicted

A lot of folks use the statement "addiction" more than it truly ought to be utilized. We might just like and seek out amusing shows or potato chips, but we habitually say we're "addicted" to ...

7 Great Reasons to Quit Smoking Today

Sometimes we just need some great reasons to help us make that final push to quit smoking. Get the 7 reasons that you need in this article.

Tips For Buying Cigars As Gifts

I have a few close friends that wanted to try a Cigar.  So I went and bought them Cigars as gifts,  I think from memory it was Christmas, It was a special thing finishing Christmas dinner, then lighting a nice Cigar.

New Drug for Alcoholics

For drinkers who want to quit, there's a new drug called acamprosate that curbs the urge to take that first drink -- the one that so often leads to full relapse.

The Fastest Way To Quit Smoking

Is it really possible to quit smoking in the space of a few short hours? Surprisingly, even if you've failed before, the answer is yes. Find out more here...


Definition of the drug slang term 'Mohasty' from the Alcoholism / Substance Abuse glossary of drug street terms.