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What Foods Have the Most Saturated Fat?

Fatty meats are full of saturated fat.grilled meats and sausage image by Marzanna Syncerz from Fotolia.comWhile your body needs some dietary fat to promote overall good health, not all fats are created equal. Saturated fat contributes to weight gain, heart disease and certain types of...

Mini Chocolate Raspberry Tartlets

Mini Chocolate Raspberry Tartlets is a fabulous and easy dessert recipe made with a creamy filling and mini filo shells.

Raw Peanuts Nutrition

Looking for a healthy, nutrition filled snack? Munch on raw peanuts! These legumes (that's right, peanuts are beans, not nuts) are full of protein, vitamins and phytosterols, which may help fight heart disease and improve cholesterol.

How to Make Detailed Cookie Cutters

You're the one who bakes, so your family volunteered you to make a large cookie decorated to look like the latest toy. What do you do if you don't have a cookie cutter in that shape? So much time can be wasted in a grocery story or specialty shop looking for a specific cookie cutter shape. It would

Swiss Diamond Nonstick Cookware Review

Swiss Diamond Nonstick Cookware. Pan pros (durable, oven-safe, heat-retaining) and cons (heavy, expensive, hard to clean.) Worth the price.

Grilled Seafood

Grilling is a wonderful method for preparing many types of seafood. The smokiness of grilling is the perfect flavor enhancer. The trick when grilling seafood is not to cook it too long - this is especially true of leaner seafood, which will dry out very quickly under intense heat. Mollusks should be

The Best Quality Pans

Good quality pots and pans can be a joy in the kitchen. Aluminum, while it is a good heat conductor, can add a metallic taste to your cooking. Copper, another good conductor of heat, can also taint the flavor of your cooking. Stainless steel is taint free, but it does not conduct heat so well, while

Vermicelli with Lemon Sauce - Vermicelli al Limone

Vermicelli with Lemon Sauce, or Vermicelli al Limone: Lemon is delightfully refreshing in all its guises when it's hot out, and contributes delightfully to this pasta sauce from Campania.

Shrimp – An Inspiring Dinner Jewel

Shrimp is the best food and very healthy for you to eat. Worldwide chefs know many dishes and people appreciate its taste and flavor. In fact, it is easy to cook and eat. People enjoy shrimp because i

Eating Out May Be Something That Is Very Hazardous To Your Health

For those of you who actually want to live a healthy life you need to understand that you need to ensure you're maintaining a healthy diet. You should realize that increasingly more men and women are eating at home instead of eating out simply because they're becoming aware that the food t

A Restaurant Ware Resource For A Formal Event

When you"re planning a formal event, you can definitely include some plastic goods, but you"ll have to make certain that you"ve picked some out that are appropriate for this type of gathering.

Iced Ginger Yerba Mate Recipe

Iced Ginger Yerba Mate is a simple combination of bittersweet cold-brewed yerba mate, piquant ginger syrup and tart lemon juice. Just brew the yerba mate overnight and assemble your drink with ease the next day.

Childrens Party In Sydney

Sydney is a place with its own freshness and friendly environment with people from all over the world which provides a good and amiable atmosphere. Set on a harbor, it is one of the largest cities of Australia.

Dick Soek's Venison Stew (Reehachée van Dick Soek)

This venison stew by a Dutch Michelin-starred chef is flavored with 'kruidnoten', small spiced cookies enjoyed at 'Sinterklaas'. This stew is an excellent addition to any festive holiday table, especially when combined with potato purée, slices of baked apple and red cabbage.