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The Mental Psychological Aspect of Surviving Cancer

When many people find out that they are suffering from cancer, they regard it as a death sentence. Whilst depression is understandable, giving up should not be an option. Because the more positive and upbeat you are then the more likely you are to survive cancer. One of the first things that you hav

Mesothelioma Cancer Treatment Possibilites

Mesothelioma cancer is caused by the over exposure to asbestos. This disease is occurs when malignant cells develop the mesothelium which is a kind of lining which covers most of the internal organs of our body. The most common site of this disease is pleura which is the lining of lungs and chest wa

The Effectiveness Of The Johanna Budwig Diet When Dealing With Cancer

German research scientist Doctor Johanna Budwig had discovered a totally natural formula that not only protected someone from cancer but can, along with a strict diet fights cancer as well. Incurable people whom the orthodox medicine could do nothing for have survived cancer with the aid of this ver

Lung Cancer Surgery Myths May Delay Care

Myths about lung cancer surgery may prevent many people from receiving potentially life-saving treatment for what is said to be the deadliest form of cancer.

Test May Reduce Unnecessary Breast Biopsies

A new test that looks at the stiffness of tissue may help distinguish between cancerous and benign breast lesions, potentially cutting down on unnecessary biopsies, researchers say.

Green Tea and Cancer - What's New

What's the latest news about green tea and cancer?Researchers are hoping to get clinical trials going.Their studies consisting of animal models have shown that when it comes to preventing prostate cancer, the benefit depends on the stage of the disease.

Asparagus as Cancer Cure? Is This for Real?

Cancer is one of our major fears. Why? The reason is many of us who have heard of someone having cancer died a brutal death. However, there are those who survived. You may have heard ...

How Do You Prevent Cancer

In a world where cancer is a disease becoming more common to eliminate any habits that could as little to jeopardize your health. Multivitamins are not safe, sitting down all day can be even more ...

Programs For Nikon Camera - The Basics

Yes, you need a goal or two, because the goal is as important as the camera, but not if you can afford to skimp. Once you have some of these questions answered for yourself, then it becomes easier to narrow down what cameras are going to be most suitable to you given the budget you have for a camera

Acupuncture and The Prevention Of Breast Cancer

Each year in the United States almost 200,000 women will be diagnosed with breast cancer. While there is an abundance of information on Western biomedical treatments, treatments for the prevention of breast cancer are relatively unknown. This article deals explains the Chinese Medical view of and pr

Arimidex Better Than Tamoxifen Long Term

Results of a long-term study show the relatively new drug Arimidex appears to work better than the standard medicine tamoxifen in fighting early breast cancer in postmenopausal women.

Ask the Experts - Mucoepidermoid Carcinoma of the Parotid Gland?

In a second operation, a conventional superficial parotidectomy with facial nerve preservation was performed. The histology showed a low-grade, highly differentiated tumor, but the margins were not completely clear (T1N0M0). Is radiation therapy indicated? What is the role of neutron-beam therapy in

Cancer - How Do I Slay the Ugly Dragon?

How many people have learned to beat cancer by nature's way. Yes there is startling new evidence that cancer treatment can be done naturally without the ravages of chemotherapy on the body.

How To Prevent Esophagus Cancer

Getting esophagus cancer is depressing as it is painful.A surgery can inavertantly permanently damage the esophagus and make it harder to swallow, talk, and digest food.You will have to live your days being fed through a tube and/or on a liquid diet. Find out how to prevent esophagus cancer from thi

Red Clover and Cancer - What Are The Myths?

Just about everyone you talk to nowadays would agree that in order for cancer to ever be defeated there needs to be a radical change in our thinking. One way to start is to learn more about herbal medicine, particularly the effects of red clover on cancer. We must move on from intervention in the la

Hormone Melatonin Slows Breast Cancer

The nighttime hormone melatonin slows the growth of breast cancer, but more research is needed to see if melatonin can be an effective treatment.

Autologous Stem Cell Transplant

What is a stem cell transplant?Most stem cells are in your bone marrow. You also have some in your blood. Bone marrow stem cells turn into red blood cells, white blood cells, or platelets to help your body stay healthy. If your bone marrow is attacked by a disease such as leukemia, it can no longer