How To Get Rich By Becoming A Lawyer

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From a young age, kids are groomed for the fact that they can Get rich by becoming a lawyer. The reason for this is that a lawyer and a DUI/DWI attorney in particular, will always have work. It also means easy money and perhaps even fame, with all the celebrities that are caught daily driving under the influence or driving while intoxicated.

To drive while inebriated is one of the craziest things to do. The consequences can be dire. Jail time, suspended license, a criminal record and hefty fines are just some of the rewards for this stupidity. As a lawyer, you will recommend that the client accept the prosecutors plea bargain. For this you are paid money. Accepting the plea bargain means a more lenient punishment. Your client should be grateful for the reduced fine or jail time. The court is satisfied as they have done their job and you the attorney can go and bank the check.

If you wish to become a attorney, then go and practice in California or Texas and practice driving under the influence law. It is a match made in heaven, they consume vast amounts of beer in Texas and the law is strict regarding driving under the influence.

Japanese attorneys are expected to service seven thousand people. In America, this ratio is 450 people to one lawyer. This means that competition in the legal world is rife. So when you study at school, make sure you get the best marks so that you become the best attorney around.

It is also possible that attorneys will be encouraged to prolong a case for as long as possible. All this means is that the lawyer lines his pocket nicely and the client ends up paying more.

Now that you can see how to Get rich by becoming a lawyer. Pay attention at school and make you get the top scores and grades. Entrance into the Ivy League varsities depends on your grades.

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