Avoid Getting Burnt Out

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A reaction I get from people a lot of times is that they tell me they are worried I will get burnt out because I am constantly pushing myself as hard as I am.
They say they worry about me and that they feel I am putting too much pressure on myself.
So I went ahead and looked up the definition of being burned out: the process of being permanently exhausted because of long time stress and pressure.
I immediately started laughing as I knew this wasn't nowhere near my situation, even though it might seem that way for people looking in from the outside world.
What you have to realize is that becoming burnt out can only happen if you are not enjoying the actions you are taking and they fell stressful or like work.
Even though I work up to 16 hours a day it really doesn't feel stressful and it feels fun and I really enjoy the fact that I am constantly learning new things and taking new actions daily.
So I thought about this and wondered why I felt this way, I realized that it came down to a couple of different things.
First of all I have a purpose with all the work I am doing, I have a dream and a result that I am pursuing.
For me pursuing a dream and something worth fighting for is the farthest thing from work and I really think that this is what most people should do in their lives on a consistent basis.
The second thing was that I am feeling a constant sense of development on a day to day basis, it is very important for us people to feel that we are constantly expanding horizons and learning new things- it is for this same reason that adventure games where you can develop your character have become so popular, they give you a sense of development and progress.
When I thought about it, getting burned out is when you wake up to something you see no point in doing, but you are still forced to do.
Remember you are never forced to do anything, you have simply chosen that you are forced to perform a certain daily task.
There is always other opportunities and avenues you can pursue if you really look for them.
As long as you are doing what you love you should never fear feeling burned out.
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