Tips for Great Inspirational Christian Video

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Inspirational Christian Video is becoming more and more popular as churches become more contemporary.
Instead of a traditional sermon, pastors now have the ability to display inspirational video in their church or worship services.
Video can enhance or liven the message and keep the attention of the congregation.
This article provides tips for creating great Christian inspirational video experiences.
The advantages to using video is that it can:
  • Make a great attention getter
  • Enhance learning and understanding
  • Add Excitement
  • Set the tone for the message
  • Provide Inspiration to the audience
While it is true that these are great benefits of using video, keep in mind that video does not replace the message, or the delivery of the message.
A good message is well written and well delivered.
Video is only to enhance an already good message.
The video is only as good as the message.
Prepare in advance with a well-written sermon and practice the delivery of it.
Then practice along with the video you plan to use.
You may also want to coordinate your practice with the technical team or person who will play the video for you.
Select video that is related to the central theme of the message.
This will eliminate confusion and help further clarify your message to the audience.
Simple is better.
Don't use flashy messages that take away from your message.
Make sure every part of the video is relative.
For instance, if you play a video that contains special effects, the special effects must serve a purpose in your message.
What part of the message do the special effects bring out? 4.
Shorter is better.
Use video clips that are on average 30 seconds to one minute.
You may use up to a 5 minute video clip if you are planning a video for intermission.
In this case, there are great devotional videos that are perfect for playing in the background.
You may also use devotional or worship videos to play at the beginning of service to create a peaceful atmosphere.
Decide the purpose of your video.
Why does video need to be played during the message.
Will presentation slides or still photos work better for illustration purposes? Or will video provide the best illustration? Do you need video at all or can you use another way to get your message across? These are questions that need to be answered and will help make the best choice for delivering your message.
We live in a visually stimulated society and whether you choose to use video to set the atmosphere of your services, enhance your messages, or both sufficient planning will create a great experience for your audience.
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