What"s the Real Deal With Spirit Guides?

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Spirit guides are one of the hardest topics to discuss in today's spiritual climate.
Whether the words are "listening to your guides," "connecting to source" or "downloading information," the premise is that some entity (not having a physical body) knows more about you and your destiny than you do.
People that are dedicated to working with and listening to their guides (also called beings as in spiritual beings) take great offense when any aspect of this relationship is questioned.
Spirit guide devotees often assign attributes to their guides that are usually reserved for God or the Supreme Being.
These guides seem to know the future and apparently know all about your past.
In offering their advice, their wisdom is usually assigned a higher value than anyone still living and they are never wrong.
Imagine hearing these words about someone's spirit guide: "My spirit guide was really WRONG this time!" Wouldn't it be great to openly discuss a guide's personal agenda or be comfortable commenting on where this guide is not very capable? Blind devotion (no one ever admits drinking a spirit guide's Kool-Aid) to a "senior" spiritual being is a very popular phenomena.
Following another's advice, in such a significant way, seems to devalue the notion of finding one's spiritual freedom.
If you use someone else's information to navigate through life, when do you use your own information? In talking about the role of guides, here is a recent question: "...
I want to know if Spirit Guides can be bad or evil? It is completely new for me to even believe they exist and right out of the chute, I end up getting rid of two of mine.
Maybe because of all my religious programming I feared I could be zapped or cursed or worse...
" This question brings up several excellent points.
Without insisting on having the "right" answer, here are a few ideas to consider: If you have a spirit guide in your life, at some point you made an agreement with that entity to be part of your energetic universe.
Yes, you can be unconscious about the nature of the agreement.
Some people have the notion that spirit guides are angelic; that they are angels that would never do anything "bad.
" For clarity, let's use the character of Clarence in the classic Christmas movie, "It's a Wonderful Life.
" Clarence was an Angel still working on his own spiritual path and often let George Bailey make his own choices - sometimes to his benefit and sometimes not.
Just because a spirit is someone's guide, that does not mean they have abandoned their own spiritual journey.
If you think about guides much like people in your life, it allows you to retain your spiritual freedom of choice.
Haven't met anyone that has said they do everything their friends or family tells them.
Why follow a spirit guide blindly? In looking at hundreds of agreements people have made with their guides, the agreement is almost always very specific.
Sometimes these agreements were made in childhood and have lost their effectiveness when a person becomes an adult.
Like training wheels on a bike, you often outgrow childhood agreements with invisible friends, guardian angels, etc.
Since our mainstream religious society does not address these types of spiritual agreements, almost no one has updated the childhood agreements made with their spirit guides.
Bringing this into present time is almost always very beneficial! Another consideration to explore is what does it feel like when you are under-aware that you have a spirit guide influencing you? One aspect of this experience involves the phrase: "I Can't Help Myself.
All of us have uttered these words when describing times where we felt an inner pull that was irresistible.
While it is sometimes used in jest, these I Can't Help Myself moments reveal an authentic spiritual experience with a spirit guide.
Usually when our thoughts and feelings are stirred, we follow these sensations to satisfy these urges.
In fact for many, this is an often-repeated circumstance that flows easily and feels very familiar.
When this strong feeling becomes present in one's awareness, often there is a guilt-free element that makes it O.
Almost always, the popular sentiment is that we are being "guided by spirit.
" Might this be a familiar experience? What does not happen much in popular spirituality is the concept of training spirit guides as part of a conscious, present-time agreement.
One of the most common arrangements is to use spirit guides as part of doing a healing where the guide plugs into your hands and does healings through you.
In the early days of my spiritual training we sent our spirit guides to find us parking places as way to "prove" their existence and to demonstrate that our in-the-body existence was more capable or at least as capable as being just pure energy.
Notice how this one change of perspective alters the entire spirit guide game.
Imagine being the most senior spirit in your universe!
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