The No Excuses Approach

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I recently learned about a young Korean boy who found his way to Korea's Got Talent.
He'd been on his own since he was 5, sleeping in public restrooms, selling gum and candy on the side of the road to get by.
But he was inspired one day by a singer in a nightclub whom he said sang so "sincerely," and it touched off a yearning in the young man to sing.
He managed to take master classes, and as one of the judges says, "he passionately runs toward what he wants.
" Here are the words to the song he sang on the TV show: In my fantasy I see a just world, There everyone lives in peace and honesty.
I dream of souls that are always free, Like clouds that fly Full of humanity down to the soul I dream of souls that are always free, Like clouds that fly Full of humanity down to the soul He had no money, no support, no education.
What he had was a pure soul that was so inspired that nothing got in the way.
Not one excuse stopped him.
Are you like that? Do you listen to the excuses? If so, what are the excuses about? For how many of us do we make money the excuse? But you say "It is real.
Look at the economy.
" Yes, look, it's in shambles, and more and more people are being inspired to reach down into their souls to mine the treasures there, and contribute to progressive commerce.
Imagine that you have all the resources you could possible need.
(which you actually do!).
What would you do then? Think about that.
Would you say? I am too old (I am 59 and just got started!) It is too late (for what?) It doesn't matter anyhow (lame!) I am not smart enough (how do you know?) I am not clever or creative enough (clever excuse) I don't know how (that is what mentors are for) I have a family (all the more reason..
) My spouse does not support me (Don't blame him/her!) I don't believe in myself (Who does believe in you?) I am afraid (Now we are talking!) Fantasized Evidence Appearing Real Carl Jung said fear is excitement without the breath.
Imagine breathing and transforming fear into excitement-the excitement of doing something you always wanted to do.
Ask yourself what is next for you.
Get help if you need it.
Take action.
If you wait until you are ready, you have a long wait.
Making a decision is key, because it changes the vibration you send out, and begins to magnetize the persons, places and things you need to get where you want to go.
A part of the brain called the RAS (reticular activating system), which is responsible for our survival and achieving our important goals, is reprogrammed when we make a clear decision.
If you don't decide what you are going for, you send out a chaotic vibration and fail to activate this powerful part of the motivational system.
Right now, take a moment and write down 3 things in your life or your business that you need to make a decision about.
They can be big or small in scope.
Focus on one at a time, and make a decision, writing it down.
If you cannot make a decision, decide to consult someone who can help you.
Write that down and make the call or send the email.
You just freed up a huge amount of energy.
If you are in business for yourself, being decisive will often be the determining factor as to whether you are successful in meeting your goals or not.
Making decisions is inspiring and liberating!! Remember: "It is not revolutions and upheavals that clear the road to better days, but revelations, and lavishness of someone's soul inspired, and ablaze.
- Boris Pasternak, After the Storm
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