There IS an Escape from Career Stress

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The stress caused by the workplace environment, and the job itself, is a common problem of workers the world over. There are many physical, as well as emotional backlashes due to the effects of stress.

The results of career stress are really no surprise when you stop and think about it. First, you get out of bed, often after too little sleep, and rush to get dressed. After a hurried cup of coffee, it is time to face the elements as you rush out the door to get in line on the street. You jump into your car and start your commute to work which may involve traffic jams or gridlock or miles and miles of driving. Then you arrive at work only to find a huge pile of work waiting for you, multiple pointless meetings to attend, maybe a grouchy boss, co-workers involved in workplace politics or gossip, and the telephone starts ringing immediately. At the end of the day, you begin your commute home possibly feeling that you really hate your job and also feeling as if you have accomplished little of real value. And you do all this for a paycheck which is probably far too small for the amount of effort you have expended. What's worse, the stress continues with you even after you are home. You are too exhausted to enjoy your family or the quality time you and your family really does deserve. There's dinner to prepare and work around the house which needs to be done. The children need help with homework. It seems as if you have a second full-time job instead of an opportunity to enjoy family time. Finally, you fall into bed totally exhausted only to get up and do it all again the next day.

Does this sound like your lifestyle in many ways? If so, you are probably suffering from the stress of your career? But there is good news: You CAN escape career stress!

Today, every month more and more people are joining the exploding trend of becoming entrepreneurs and working for themselves doing something they love. Those who make the decision to start their own home based business get to set their own work hours, working during the times which best fit their lifestyle and their family schedule. Here are just a few of the huge benefits of operating your own business:

You can dress as comfortably as you wish, working in a bathrobe and slippers if you like. You can enjoy a second cup of coffee, a healthy meal, and ensure your family has a healthy breakfast as well.

You skip the commute to your workplace because you work in your own home office or wherever your computer and telephone happen to be located. You don't even have to work from home; you can work while traveling, on vacation, beside the swimming pool, at the beach, wherever you desire. You can work in the middle of the night, early in the morning, whatever time is best for you. You'll never have to answer to any 'boss' except yourself.

Of course, there is no such thing as a business where you can make big bucks with no effort. It does require motivation and a bit of effort on your part. But the sense of achievement and satisfaction you'll feel when you accomplish your financial goals by working fewer hours and experiencing far fewer hassles will make you very happy you escaped the world of career stress. Your new career will be working in virtually stress free environment!

All that is required is a laptop and a phone. With these tools you are free to choose the lifestyle you really want and get out of the stressful environment you thought you had to endure. You, too, can enjoy the same blessings of financial success and freedom to enjoy life that I have already accomplished.

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