How Do You Overcome Shyness?

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Many people, whether extroverted or introverted, can relate to shyness.
We have all had that feeling at the pit of our stomach.
That anxiety that holds us back in social situations.
That awkward rush that comes over us when we approach to ask someone their name, or when we step into a room full of strangers.
I am going to discuss 5 simple tips for helping you overcome shyness.
When used overtime they can improve your confidence and help turn shyness into personal empowerment.
Make Self-Consciousness Become Self-Awareness We all believe that people are constantly looking at us, judging us and analysing us.
But you need to understand that most people are too busy looking at themselves.
Stop watching yourself in the way you think other people see you.
Learn which situations trigger shyness and the feelings associated with it.
Become more self-aware, since this is the key to making any positive changes in your life.
Accept Rejection Everyone experiences rejection throughout their lives.
It is just how people deal with it that is different.
Many people have the frame of mind that if they don't try, then they won't get rejected.
Yes this is true, but how can you expect to get anywhere in life with this attitude? Learn to accept rejection, and not take it personally.
Rejection is a learning process, take away with you valuable knowledge to prevent getting rejected again.
Sometimes this situation or scenario is just not right for you.
This is just life, don't let it knock you down.
March on stronger and don't let yourself fall into the trap of self-pity.
Understand Your Self Worth We are all unique, we all have something special to bring to the table.
Understand your own personal strengths and traits.
They may be different to the norm, but they are what makes you the person you are.
Focus on your strengths, this will help boost your self-confidence and natural self-esteem.
Practice Your Social Skills Some people are born with great social skills, others are not.
But the key here is that it is a 'skill'.
With practice we can all develop good social skills.
The more you put yourself out there, the easier it becomes.
Face Uncomfortable Situations Practising your social skills can be a daunting idea.
Lacking in self-confidence can have a huge effect on how well we overcome our shyness.
Putting yourself in these uncomfortable situations can help to minimise this fear.
You will soon learn that it's not as bad as you first thought.
Overcome your ego that is blocking your path towards success and give it a go.
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