The Secret Language Of Influence

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People talk to each other every day.

They talk to each other all the time.

But what is it they are really saying? How many of these people understand what their words really mean?

People chatter away merrily never realising that the words they are using contains incredible power to influence people. The words you speak (and even think) program yourself and the people around you.

Every word has two meanings. It has a denotation, which is the dictionary definition of the word, i.e. its literal meaning. Every word also has a connotation, which is an implied meaning - a secret power behind the word.

A very good example of this that is used every day is the word "Try". It seems such an innocuous word and is only three letters long - yet it has incredible power.

The denotation of Try is:
1. To make an effort to do or accomplish (something); attempt: tried to help.
2. To taste, sample, or otherwise test in order to determine strength, effect, worth, or desirability: Try this dessert. Try the door.
3. Law.
a. To examine or hear (evidence or a case) by judicial process.
b. To put (an accused person) on trial.
4. To subject to great strain or hardship; tax:
5. To melt (lard, for example) to separate out impurities; render.
6. To smooth, fit, or align accurately.
Seems like a fairly harmless word doesn't it?


Try is a terrible word in the wrong hands. You see, the connotation of Try is that it implies failure. Anytime you say you are going to try something you are giving yourself a way out; an escape route, because it's actually okay if you fail because you tried - so if you fail, that's not a problem.

As a clinical hypnotist I often hear people saying, "I tried to stop smoking" or "I tried to lose weight" and many similar phrases. They talk to people and say, "Oh yes Mavis, I'm trying to diet"... and what does this really mean, "Oh yes Mavis, I'm getting great pleasure out of telling everyone how hard my life is because I am on a diet and enjoying their pity and comfort, but it's ok because I know I am going to fail and not actually lose any weight".

Bet you didn't realise a three letter word could have such a long meaning?

The language you use every single day programs not only yourself but the people around you. The good news is, this secret power of language has now been made available for you to learn. You can discover how to use these words to get what you want from yourself and other people.

And before I finish... a question for you... what would happen if you tried to fail at success?
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