How to Identify and Change Beliefs to Claim the Life You Desire - Part II

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If you've read my previous articles about beliefs, then you know how powerfully they can propel you on your path to self actualization, creating a life just as you desire.
You also know how beliefs that don't support you can hinder you without you even knowing about it, like an invisible monkey on your back whose job is to keep the blinders on, hiding from you the true abundance that is available.
This article is one of several detailing how to expose those negative self limiting beliefs for what they are.
After I've detailed several ways expose these unhelpful gremlins to the cleansing light of day (which will actually kill a lot of them,) I'll go through several specific methods to break them once and for all, clearing your path to fulfillment.
If you'd like you can read more about this on my blog, where I've already written several other articles devoted to personal development.
The first method is the "what's stopping you" method.
It requires that you have a vague idea of what you want.
It doesn't really matter if it's a short term goal, or a long term goal, or even if it's clearly defined or not.
It's only important that you have an idea of what you'd like to create in life.
Then simply ask yourself, what's stopping me? It works best to do this either by hand, in a notebook or journal, or on a word processing file.
Personally I prefer to spend at the very least an hour a week at a local coffee shop writing in my journal on topics like this.
It works like this.
Pick something you'd like to achieve.
Say you want a new boyfriend or girlfriend.
So you say "I'd like a new girlfriend.
" Then ask yourself "What's stopping me?" The key is to write down the first thing that comes to mind.
And keep writing until you get hat "aha" feeling.
This is the same sentence completion exercise, in the article I've posted here regarding getting in touch with your intuition.
You're basically doing the same thing, only you are specifically getting in touch with your intuition to dig up your beliefs.
Here are some examples: Desire or wish:  I want a new job.
What's stopping me?: I don't have time.
My resume sucks.
I am terrible at interviews.
Nobody would hire me.
I don't have enough skills.
The economy is too bad.
Get the idea? Any of the last few are prime candidates recognized as limiting beliefs, and then given the old Donald Trump "You're fired!" Don't worry about how to do that yet, I'll be showing many techniques to do that.
For now, just focus on spending some digging out these old beliefs you don't need any more.
Here's another example.
Desire or wish: I want to feel comfortable when speaking to in public.
What's stopping me?  I am too scared to speak in front of people.
I don't know how to give a speech.
I will feel embarrassed if I give a speech.
If I give a speech I'll forget what I want to say.
Get the idea? Good.
I recommend spending at least few minutes every week or so asking yourself what you want, and what's stopping you.
Once you have your list of candidates for dismissal, you'll be ready for the next step.
One caveat to keep in mind is that you might consider only changing beliefs about your human capabilities, and beliefs about things that are in your control.
 I wouldn't' recommend changing a belief about your ability to fly, nor a belief about somebody or something that is outside of your control, like the weather.
(Although I do admit that making it rain on command would be a fantastic party trick.
)  Also, before getting in the nuts and bolts of how to effectively change beliefs, I'll be writing at least a couple more on how to identify beliefs that are stopping you.
The more ways you have to dig out these limiting beliefs and change them into positive ones, the better your life will become.
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