Oh My Gosh - I Manifested!

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You always manifest.
That is a given.
The question is: Are you manifesting what you really want? And when you do manifest what you want, will you recognize it? And will you sweep it into your arms and heart and make it truly your own? Or will you be freaked out by it and push it away because you don't recognize it? Manifesting is one of the great gifts of the Universe and directly correlated to the Universal Laws.
Sometimes manifestations happen in ways you never expect.
You focus and intend, and wish and pray, and dream, and run it all in the background of your mind, sometimes for many years.
One day, it shows up and you freak out.
You don't know what to do with it.
Maybe you don't recognize it.
Maybe it catches you off guard...
Most of us are not really used to manifesting, especially things we've wanted for so long that we don't dare make them too conscious anymore.
However, when you hold fast to your dreams and desires, without wavering, knowing they become a reality, they will eventually manifest.
Watch for those manifestations.
Open your arms and your heart to them, even if they are not exactly what you had imagined.
Dreams have a way of being fulfilled with slight alterations.
Are you going to push away your longed-for manifestations just because they are not precise? Maybe YOU were not precise in your description.
Take what you made and mold it, tweek it, work with it, work with YOU and see where you take yourself from that greatly advanced point.
If you are fearful or overwhelmed, acknowledge that and keep moving forward.
We do not know all the answers in our conscious minds.
When you have created a longed-for manifestation, acknowledge that for yourself and take it in, moment-by-moment, to digest what you have done and consider where you will go from here.
Communicate, ponder, take action and then ponder some more.
Above all, keep creating your clear visions of what you will manifest in the future.
And then, be ready!
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