Living a Powerful Fearless Life

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I am a stand for people to live a powerful free and fearless life, but you may ask what do I mean by "a stand?" Being a stand in this context is to stand in the space of whats possible.
To stand for people to have a choice, to make them aware they have a choice in how they live.
The first and most important distinction is integrity, so whats integrity in this context? It is simply being your word! Doing what you said you would do when you said you would do it! And when you are aware that you cannot make your commitment, appointment, deadline just re-commit, communicate with those affected as soon as you know you cannot make it and clean it up with them, apologise, re-commit and move on with your head above the water and out of the sand.
The second distinction is to give up being right, we spend so much time being right, not wanting to be wrong, and willing to do almost anything to protect this, people will die rather than be WRONG!! This way of being just keeps us stuck in a story or opinion of I'm right, your wrong, there's nowhere to move to, a stalemate, no possibility to move forward, breakdown, families row, couples divorce, armies invade, people die.
OK moving on, the next one is to be powerful and straight in communicating and honesty, say what you mean and mean what you say, do not beat around the bush trying to be nice, say it as it is and you will have more respect from those around you.
This way of being may not make you popular in the short term but will pay off in the long run.
Be courageous, this follows on from being straight, take the steps, be brave, nothing to fear, most fears are inauthentic, by this I mean we fear something that may or may not happen before it has happened, if you are being attacked by a angry dog, then it is time to fearful but being afraid of saying the wrong thing or losing your job or having no money are all inauthentic fears.
And so this leads us on to being peaceful, accepting things as they are in the moment, being present to life, the simple pleasures of time with family and friends, enjoying your work or having fun with friends.
People are always complaining that there is something wrong here, or it should not be this way, its not fair or words similar, instead of being with the way it is and the way it is not or the way someone is or is not, that's just the way it is! Next is to be charismatic, make a difference, touch people with words, inspire with your ideas, be positive in the face of negativity, open up to the world of whats possible here? What can be created? The final distinction is called being enrolling, the context here is to touch move and inspire others in whats possible for you, ie.
, a possibility created for yourself which in turn leaves them open to seeing a new possibility for themselves.
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