Is Hypnosis And Self Hypnosis Easy?

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Well this last week was a busy week for me with loads of clients wanting help with their New Years resolutions. And right in the middle of the week I had an interview on our local BBC radio station. The interview was great and I arrived back in the office to a buzzing phone and answer phone!

During the interview I made a comment that has been bugging me all over the weekend to give it some extra thought. During the interview with presenter Danny Cox, I said that 'I used Hypnosis because it is that lazy man's approach'. Hmm... Now should I have said this?

I had a long email come the evening after the interview from a colleague who was, well let's just say - not to happy about the remark that I had made earlier that day. He said that he found, that teaching and learning Hypnosis and Self Hypnosis were difficult and that what I said could have given a false impression to Hypnosis and Self Hypnosis - making it look easier than it is.

You see the thing is, is that I have always taught my clients Self-Hypnosis in about 30 minutes or less and have heard great stories of success from people that have read my book and found it a simple approach! For me and my clients we find it easy. Maybe because I see it as a natural occurrence and teach it as such rather than add all of the 'Mystery and Mumbo Jumbo' this could make it seem simpler.

Anyway when I made the comment it wasn't in regard to the hypnosis its self. I was actually describing the easiness and speed in which you can get great results when you use it properly!

I mean who would want all of the discomfort of trying hard at other approaches when you can just take the 'Lazy Man's Approach'? I know I wouldn't! I remember in my late teens trying to stop smoking with patches and failing miserably and then I remember giving up with Hypnosis and just how easy it was.

Fact: Research shows that Hypnosis is the second most effective way stop smoking - only seconded by Heart Disease! So if it can assist someone to kick the habit - imagine what it could facilitate you to do.

Some people are scared of Hypnosis, but I tell you what I would be much more scared of Heart Disease and after seeing the facts most sceptics would be fans!
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