The Mental Butterfly Effect

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Can a butterfly on the other side of the planet cause a thunderstorm here? This system phenomenon has been studied and explored for years.
I'm not sure if you have seen the movie "the butterfly effect" or its one too many sequels, but it is an interesting concept.
I feel that even I do not completely understand it, things like that are possible.
If enough small things happen, these can potentially turn into something huge.
Let's think of it as the snowball effect, or even easier making a snowman.
When we first start making the ball it starts only with a few strands of snow that we start to roll on the ground.
They tend to increase in size more rapidly the larger they get.
Once they get too big and we eventually can't move them anymore, we leave them alone and that's the part that becomes the base for the snowman.
Our minds work in a similar pattern.
In order to explain this fully, I will have to get a few simple concepts out there.
The brain consists of two parts that are connected, once you sever that connection things tend to go haywire.
Also remember that the right side of our brain controls the left side of our body, and vice versa.
Humans are inverted, and have a part of the brain that's logical while the other one is creative.
An experiment of this kinds has been done in the past, and even though I do not think it should be done again the results were quite interesting.
These were done on both animals and humans, but its only from the humans where we could get the hard data results.
An individual with epilepsy had their connectors cut in order to stop the condition.
They showed this person a soda, one eye only, and that person stood up and went to the cooler to get one.
As she or he was coming back, the examiner asked "why did you go and get a soda? " This is where things got interesting; keep in mind that only the creative side of the brain has seen the soda can.
This individual said because they got thirsty, and started making up stories and excuses why they felt that way.
In no shape or form did the logical side of the brain know that the other part was shown a soda.
This is why the mental butterfly effect seems to be possible in the brain.
Some people are addicted to stress, or a certain emotion.
There is always a trigger that starts it for them, and you may or may not be familiar with the feeling.
Since we live in a fast paced environment and multitasking is the norm, our mind isn't always keeping up with what we are trying to accomplish.
This becomes really bad as we switch from one thing to another constantly, and as these triggers happen we are too overwhelmed to stop them from causing havoc in our lives.
I think being able to focus, and realizing that this is happening will in itself allow for some people to wake up and stop a lot of negative emotions from developing.
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