Addiction To Vicodin

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Most understand that Vicodin is a pain killer that is medically prescribed for those in need after surgeries, or serious accidents.
Vicodin is currently regulated by the state, and when purchased outside of prescription, is completely illegal.
Now in the United States, Vicodin has become a drug that is being abused at the same level as cocaine, marijuana, meth and heroine.
Like these drugs, Vicodin has several dangerous side effects that can not only lead to poor health conditions, but can also be lethal.
It is now a fact that generally unlike that of heroine and/or cocaine, even housewives and teens have latched onto using the drug.
In easing pain, one can immediately become addicted to the substance, leaving them with an ever-growing need to always have it in their system.
Over the last ten years, abuse of Vicodin has quadrupled in the United States.
This rated by individual's visits to the emergency room, overdose of the drug is common and also rising with each passing year.
So what exactly draws individuals to use and/or abuse Vicodin? When ingested, the drug creates a euphoric and calming state within the mind and body.
Pain is minimized due to this euphoric state and this is what becomes addicting.
Hydrocodone, the more generic version of the substance also gives the same feelings to the user, although also providing the same health hazards in return.
When abused in large doses, lethal overdose is possible.
What are some of the health hazards regarding Vicodin and/or Hydrocodone abuse? The pills have a structural make-up like that of morphine or codeine.
The substance is highly addictive and can make for severe dependence and/or or withdrawal symptoms when an abuser of the drug ceases to use it.
Some of the side effects that come with using and/or abusing Vicodin may include but are not limited to: * Decrease in sex drive and/or erectile dysfunction * Constipation and stomach pains * Depression or feeling of worthlessness * Dizziness and lightheadedness * Stomach cramps and/or blood in stool * Swelling of the neck, face, lips and tongue * Intense mood swings * Facial and/or bodily twitching * Loss of appetite * Headache This is only a short list of the possible symptoms that can be brought about by Vicodin and/or Hydrocodone abuse.
The withdrawal symptoms can be just as brutal on the human body and brain.
These highly dangerous drugs are prescribed by doctors in small doses, for a reason.
If you or someone you love is suffering from an addiction to Vicodin, contact a drug and alcohol rehabilitation center as soon as possible.
It's never too late to save your life, or the life of another.
Professional help is just a call away.
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