How to Reach the Goals That Right Now Seem Unreachable

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Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you've thought 'things should be much better than this'? You wake up and think 'I don't want to be in this house anymore,' or 'I want to take a bath in a beautiful hot tub', or relax for a week at an exotic resort with all your needs catered to.
Ever feel like that? So, how to achieve that then? Well, my theory is that you need to do two things well to achieve this.
Firstly you need to tap into your imagination, and start dream-storming, or idealizing your ideal lifestyle.
You need to create little movies in your head about how you imagine, and want your life to be.
Uh huh, it sounds weird - but with some practice you'll find this powerful technique will help you achieve your goals.
You can easily start just by taking a few minutes out of your schedule now and then, before bed at night, or anytime you get a spare 5-15 minutes.
Basically just relax and let your mind think about what you'd really like to be doing.
You'll be amazed how refreshing and enlivening you feel as you plan and 'see' every step of achieving your goals.
The second thing you need to do is actually do productive and effective work.
When you sit down to work your time should be efficient and effective.
That means, if you plan to work for one hour then you work for one hour, no interruptions.
As much as we'd like to take the easy road to riches, we can't get around the fact that there's work involved.
So embrace that fact.
   Of course, we've only touched on two parts of the big story here.
But I think if you at least start imagineering your goals, and then work effectively at achieving them, you'll find things fall into place nicely and it'll feel like you're getting somewhere.
Try it and see.
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