Getting Inspiration From The Elvgren Girls

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If you've ever felt a little down and looking for some ideas to spice up your look, it's a never fail idea totry to take some inspiration from the work Gil Elvgren, of one of the worlds first pin-up artists.
Hisillustrations are packed with fun, colourful and beautifully confident girls who ooze sexuality, even whiledoing the most mundane daily chores.
This fabulous American illustrator is most famous for hundreds of pin-ups that he painted for the publishers Brown and Bidelow during more than thirty years as of the 1940s.
Taschen has brought hundreds of them together in a series of calendars.
As you flick through the pages you can't help but smile.
Many people think that being sexy is all about lingerie.
But it's not.
It's an attitude.
It's about personality and pizzazz.
Elvrgren's girls have it in buckets.
His illustrations are brimming with enthusiasm and a cheeky sexuality that is far from dirty.
While these women are uncommonly beautiful (and have had a helping hand from Elvgren's particular style) what they all have in common is an inner confidence that helps them to be sexy in a totally natural and everyday way.
I think that's the secret of their success.
Elvgren's images transmit a sensation of vitality and fun: of healthy, outdoor girls.
Bubbly and colourful, they help transport me to another world and escape mundane reality.
They are also entirely feminine.
To add a touch of this pin-up took to your own personal style there are some simple tricks: • Try curling your hair and dying it a fun solid colour: brunette, black, blonde or even bright red.
• Add some round toed pumps, high-waisted shorts or even a pencil skirt to your wardrobe.
• Apply lashings of mascara and draw on some black eyeliner to ensure you create flicks in the corners of your eyes.
• Don't be afraid to wear some sexy lingerie or a waist-pinching corset (and let it show!) Elvgren got his inspiration from the likes of Myrna Hansen, Myrna Loy, Donna Reed, Arlene Dahl and even Kim Novak.
Basing his illustrations on photographs, he then made some modifications to create these perfect all-American girls with small waists, voluptuous breasts and lovely long legs.
He then drew them into sets and little scenes that put them into context: from the long-legged blonde in her white swimwear in Second Thoughts (1965) looking down dubiously into the water from the diving board, to the secretary refilling the water tank at the office to reveal the garters holding up her silk stockings in A Refreshing Lift (1948).
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