How to Improve Memory and Concentration in 4 Easy Steps

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If you consistently have difficulty remembering things, then this article will show you a simple process for strengthening your memory and concentration.  You will be able to set your memory goals, make a plan to achieve them, and store away more and more memories through daily practice.

 After you've finished reading this article you will be able to confidently approach any memory task, knowing that you have a method for creating and recalling any memories you choose to retain.

Step 1 – Establish Your Goals

 Goal setting is just as important in learning how to improve memory and concentration as it is in other areas of life.  In other words, you need to know where you are going before you set out on your journey.  Think about what your memory improvement goals are, and most importantly, write them down. This helps to lock them into place.  Make them specific and measurable.  For example "I want to be able to remember my 2-page speech by next Saturday", or "I want to memorize my relatives' birthdays by the end of this week".

Step 2 - Break Each Goal Down Into a Simple Plan

 Once you have set a goal to improve memory and concentration, break it up into a number of tasks spread over the time you have available. Using the previous example of the relatives' birthdays, if you have 20 to remember and four days to do it in, set yourself the task of learning 5 per day.  This is achievable and realistic, especially when starting out – with more practice you can increase the amount you learn in each day, and the process of learning how to improve memory and concentration will become easier and easier.

 Step 3 – Use Association and Emotion

 In the example given above, try and associate each birthday with strong images and use a range of techniques to help your remember each day's facts.  For example, repeat them out aloud, write them down, draw pictures – anything that helps you to anchor your new memories.

 Picture the person whose birthday you are trying to remember, perhaps at some happy occasion, and then visualise their birth date floating above them in large, brightly coloured numbers.  Focus on the image.  This will enhance your powers of concentration.  Use something shocking if you like – these images are for you alone.  Bizarre and unusual images are highly effective tools in learning how to improve memory and concentration.

Step 4 - Rehearse What You Have Learnt

 The final step in learning how to improve memory and concentration is to rehearse what you have learnt several times during the day, and again at the end of the day.  As the days go by, rehearse your accumulated memories to strengthen your powers of recall.

 In this article you've learnt how to use goal setting, planning, association/emotion and rehearsal to achieve any memory task you put your mind to. You now have a proven 4 step system for powering up your memory and concentration and enhancing many areas of your life.
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