Vamana And Yama Deva In Hindu Mythology

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Vamana Deva The incarnation of Vamana holds a prominent and singular place and position amidst the twenty four incarnations of Visnu, who in the Vedic literature, from the spiritual point of view, is the most gigantic and powerful deity.
He, in the graceful garb of a dwarf, stands on the ten toes of his feet.
He has a vase in one hand as well as an umbrella in the other.
A ring made of Kus (a kind of grass) suits his middle finger.
Sometimes he is seen with a scripture in one of hands.
A carornament is dangling.
His hair is long and some portion of his body is wrapped in a deer skin.
He appears in a human form whereas his previous ones are quite different.
Remarkably, he has three legs which symbolise speech, mind and vital air.
A dwarf stands for the underdeveloped stage of mankind.
Disguising himself as a dwarf, Visnu exercised his astonishingly supernatural power to pervade heaven and earth, nether world merely in two steps as well as to protect and provide deliverance to all the creatures through Bali "who was the demon king and but he never failed to culminate in name and fame" the grand son of Prahlada.
Yama Deva Where there is life there is death" is a proverbial sen tence It is a universal fact that every creature leads to the inevitable hour.
In the real sense of the term, Yama, directly and closely refers to death, this is why he is reputed to be the Lord of Death.
But he also plays another important role of Dharamaraj (in the guise of the judge of men).
Hence it is a dual role by him.
As the presiding deity of hell, he is Yama.
He holds a distinguished position among the guardians of the eight worlds.
He is represented as having green complexion.
He is very dreadful in appearance.
He is dressed in red.
His head is seen ornamented with a crown and a flower.
Sometimes he is two handed and sometimes four handed.
He holds four weapons such as a pen, a book, a cock and a staff according to Matsya Prana Ever and anon he is also adorned with a conchshell, a wheel, a mace and lotus flower as Visnu, but as Yama, he holds a thunder bolt.
He is seated on a black buffalo.
As a record keeper, popularly known as Citragupta, Yama is reputed to be a force that does not come from outside but emanates from the sun, the eye of heaven.
This personified force alienates the sun from the age of a being resulting there from (the sun).
He assumes different forms to the Virtuous and the sinners respectively.
He manifests himself as Visnu having the face wearing gleeful and blessed smile.
His eyes resemble a lotus flower.
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