The Cadence of the Human Spirit and of Creation

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The 1997 motion picture, "Contact" starring Jodie Foster is a favourite of mine because it showcases a unique blend of science, spirituality, and science-fiction -- and it's of epic proportions.
Foster is at odds to prove extraterrestrial life exists and it somehow turns out that radio waves prove her theory has merit.
These radio waves transmit a steady 'pulse' to awaiting receivers on earth.
The pulse ends up being deciphered as a form of language -- a message for the receiver to build a highly complex space travel machine that eventually takes Foster's character far into space to encounter the other life form.
It was the pulse that was representative of what started this epic story.
It was the force that sustained the communication media, the engineering plans, the technology, and the hope of the entity transmitting the message in the first place.
And it's the pulse that is representative of a real-life rhythm that I have discovered about life.
Life is based on a sort of pulse, and a rhythm.
There is a 'beat' to life -- a steady pulse with which everything in the universe turns.
It's imperative to engineering, music, human life.
It's the heartbeat of creation -- in the ongoing sense.
Machines run to an electric or electronic pulse.
To run correctly they need to be in tune and in time.
Musicians must also be in time with the beat, as in the case of orchestras and bands -- it only has to be a little 'off' and it sounds terrible; but oh the sweet music of all instruments and vocals in time, and in tune! Even humans have a rhythm.
It's a fact that -- sexually speaking -- both male and female orgasm at a cadence which is in the order of contractions slightly better than once per second; sneezes and laughter also occur at a rhythmic rate.
Overall, the cadence of the inner most being is steady and metered.
I think it would extend to the whole of creation.
God has timed everything to a universal rhythm.
Is it any different to our pace in life? There are times when we're out of rhythm and our cadence is either too fast or too slow and we rush ahead or fall behind; leaving others behind or we don't keep up.
We seem to try too hard or not hard enough.
It bemuses us and we get frustrated with ourselves.
Then there are times when we're 'on-song' and truly everything happens with the least effort.
Luck is on our side it appears.
Or perhaps we're not trying so hard and things are happening more naturally.
We've adhered to the timing of our God.
We've achieved balance.
Our lives are a symphony.
Imagine the inner workings of our body's.
Now that's a symphony! The machinery of each cell -- billions of them -- functioning to the beat of our life force.
There's a miracle of science right there! Testimony to intelligent design.
It bodes us well to adhere to the Master's design and get in rhythm.
When aligning with the stroke of the Master of life, we get this blessed feeling of joy and peace that flows outwardly to our world.
And nothing could contain this love.
Copyright © 2008, Steven J.
All Rights Reserved Worldwide.
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