The Talking Mirror

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Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the fairest of them all.
You are the fairest in the land replies the mirror.
The mirror is magic; it reflects back exactly what it sees, to the observer.
How the observer feels about him/herself is displayed in the mirror as blind truth because the mirror sees past the image.
If you truly want to know how you feel about yourself, spend some time in the mirror and listen to the internal dialogue racing through your head.
Do you like what you hear? What is it saying? Are you too fat, too skinny? Do the lines in your face tell you something about how you have lived your life? Are you reminded of days gone by when you were a handsome of beautiful young person or are you thinking about how you will look when you get old? Is there life in your smile or do you have to make a great effort to soften the grimace permanently carved into your face? Have you even wondered what other people see? Do they see the same things as you and how are they judging you? Do they know the pain or suffering you may have endured during your lifetime? Wouldn't it be great to have a mirror that tells you everything about who and what you are, and a reminder of how perfect you are; the way you are? And how perfectly you have lived your life no matter what you personally think about it.
A mirror is irresistible to most people, it's like headlights coming toward you on a dark night; it's hard to look away.
Most people no matter how they have lived their lives, successfully or unsuccessfully (in their minds) need to remind themselves and reinforce their current beliefs.
There is some comfort found in the familiar face they see no matter how deep the lines.
It's fairly easy to imagine someone looking in the mirror and trying to reaffirm his ego of its perfection even if what he believes at the time is that he is not perfect.
We all do this at some time or other when we experience moments of disillusionment.
We turn to the mirror; find friends or family who are supportive of our feelings and philosophy.
We all need to know that we are alive and well in the moment.
But what if you are perfect? What if everything you do is perfect, and there is nothing you need or desire? What if every moment was filled with your own perfection; how would you experience your own perfection if you did not know or experience imperfection? Reading this you may think to yourself, "it doesn't happen that way" because you know you are not perfect - no one is.
Or is there one who is perfect? Is anything perfect? I have written about this more than once, but this time I am adding a small twist, one that you may have missed before if you have read my articles.
There are few who would compare themselves to the creator, God or whatever you would call it.
But most people who have contemplated a creator or God assume that it/him/her is perfect.
So if perfect is the creator and perfect is all there is, and if perfect created you, then by all definitions you are perfect.
So why do you not feel perfect? If one is perfect all the time then how would you know yourself as perfect? What kind of a mirror do you use to experience your perfection? Whether you know it or not, and whether you can accept it; you are perfect.
You are perfection (the creator) experiencing itself in the physical world dualistically as perfection and non-perfection.
You are the mirror looking back at yourself to experience yourself as perfect.
You are constantly comparing your physical life (considered imperfect) against what you truly are (perfect) in the realm of the absolute.
In other words you are stirring into the mirror and knowing yourself as perfect through the dualistic eyes of imperfection.
You imagine yourself as imperfect so that you will know yourself as perfect.
Your reflection is an illusion, and one that you created so that you may know yourself.
Your only purpose for being in the physical world is to experience yourself physically.
Pure consciousness has no feelings or experience.
It can only imagine itself as this or that.
Consciousness manifests itself into physical reality so that it can experience feelings, emotions and all physical sensations.
Life (creator) has is its own affirmation about how it perceives itself, and it is the physical body that mirrors that affirmation.
Because there is only life; life cannot experience itself any other way.
The universe was created for this purpose, and it works perfectly.
The God/Creator that many seek can never be found, because it is never lost.
For example; it is Roy trying to experience Roy by doing Roy things.
By defining myself in the physical body against my environment, I have an experience of what Roy is and is not.
I am no longer just a concept or idea; I am real in my own experience.
I am the created experiencing the creator physically.
I am God manifesting myself physically in the body known as Roy.
I am perfect in myself as myself.
There is no separation between Roy and "I"; we are one - the same thing experiencing itself in more than one reality at the same time.
The body does not exist; it's a projection of the creator's thoughts and its image is reflected back.
So that the creator may say, "This is me, this is what I am.
" How can one murder, steal, lie, rape, cheat and still be perfect? You can't if you don't understand and accept that you are the creator.
You cannot doe any of these things to anyone, because no one exists beyond yourself.
You are doing these things to yourself.
It is your left hand coming to meet your right hand to create and experience.
It is the body of the creator working together with the mind to the manifest the experience.
If the mind does not wish the hands to meet, it will be impossible to put them together.
There are no victims, and all parts of the creative experience are manifested in complete cooperation with all parts, real or imagined.
It has always been my desire to empower people to own what is rightfully theirs; the power to create.
To own the power of the creator; you must know yourself as the creator.
When you turn to God, faith, religion or anyone or anything else; you give up your power to create, and find yourself down on your knees begging for crumbs.
If it is easier for you to understand and you're just not ready to know yourself as God, we can go backwards here a bit and say that God gave you the power to create; he empowered you to create all that you desire and gave you dominion over your environment to make your creations.
Even his son said; "you can do these things and more.
" The issue I have with this thinking is that you are still limiting your power to what was given to you.
However, it is a step towards a new realization or awareness of what spirit really is and your connection to it.
You truly are the mirror of the soul.
In truth you are the image, the mirror and the imaged.
Mirror, mirror on the wall who is the fairest of them all.
Of course, it is me - right?
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