Happiness Attracts What You Consciously Ask For

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When you live in happiness, you attract more people and events to you that also reflect the state of happiness.
To put it another way, you attract who and what you are being.
Who you are being? What does that mean? The way you are in the world defines who you are being.
Are you friendly, patient, generous, etc.
? Every aspect of your being defines how you present yourself to others.
Happy people's way of being tends to be friendly, patient, generous, etc.
The very interesting effect of who you are being is how others treat you.
I know someone who is very brilliant, yet she has no patience with people or services or things.
When she buys a service she may not understand how to use it.
Interestingly, when she seeks help, she winds up frustrated and angry and usually stops the service, asking for her money back-whether or not she followed the requirements for any money-back guarantee.
Here is the point of my sharing this information-it does not matter what service she gets.
She always has the same experience.
And she blames the company for being dishonest-when really she failed to take the time to understand what she was buying.
You get back what you put out.
You will always reap what you sow.
If you sow bad feelings, mistrust and misunderstandings then you will get (or appear to get-according to your interpretation) bad feelings, mistrust and misunderstandings.
If you act impatiently, want things done immediately for you-whether or not you did what was requested to make it happen-you will get poor to zero results.
On the other hand, when you come from a place of patience and understanding, people will do anything they can to help you.
This way of being in the world creates many wonderful life experiences with positive outcomes.
Even when you make mistakes, because of your being pleasant--someone others want to work with--you will get the help you need to resolve any issues that come up.
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