Living a Powerful Fearless Life

I am a stand for people to live a powerful free and fearless life, but you may ask what do I mean by "a stand?" Being a stand in this context is to stand in the space of whats possible. To stand for people to have a choice, to make them aware they have a choice in how they live.

Stick to The Source of All Potential

For anything to survive in life, it needs its source. Without its source, it dies. What happens to a fish when removed from water? It dies. God commanded water to bring forth after its kind and it did. The same applies to you as a human being. Jesus told us in John 15:4-5 to abide in Him and Him in

Tips for Coping With the Loss of a Pet

The loss of a pet can be devastating. As with all grief, it's important to seek support from understanding friends, family, or even professional counseling. Finding a unique memorial for your pet can also help alleviate the emotional pain. This article offers some simple, practical suggestions

How To Get Rich By Becoming A Lawyer

From a young age, kids are groomed for the fact that they can Get rich by becoming a lawyer. The reason for this is that a lawyer and a DUI/DWI attorney in particular, will always have work. It also means easy money and perhaps even fame, with all the celebrities that are caught daily driving under